Another outing last Saturday (Jan 21), Joe and I decided we would reccie  Baltray Beach Co Louth, to try and photograph the wreck on the beach there.  After a nice and very brisk walk in the cold and drizzle we arrived at the beach which thankfully was protected from the cold wind by the dunes.  The only problems were, the tide was in too far so we couldn’t get close enough to the wreck to get any decent shots and the cloud cover was too deep to let the sun through.  But we had a good bit of craic and played around with our filters and that.  Another problem I had (apart from leaving my camera on the tripod as the tide came in around it) was that I didn’t realise until near the end I had set my ISO at 1000 from the previous shoot.  Anyway here are a few of the better shots from the morning.



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