Vietnam Day 4

A lazy morning this morning not up until 7am and we are picked up and brought to the Hospital for our meetings today, so no real opportunities for photographs. Our hosts are charming and friendly, and we are treated very well. The objective of the Twinning project between the Irish Haemophilia Society and the Vietnam Haemophilia Association is to help the Vietnamese Association to improve services for people with Haemophilia in Vietnam. In previous blogs from when I was here in March 2012, I documented my feelings regarding this project and my feelings about the situation for haemophiliacs and the trojan work performed by the health service providers there considering the challenging circumstances that prevail. Here are links to my previous blog.

After the meeting the board and guests were invited for another great meal and Brian and spent a lovely evening with Dr Mai and her family. I am providing tutorials on photography on Friday, to which I am looking forward, thanks to Peter & Paul who supplied some a lot of raw material for the workshop.

I forgot to mention that yesterday we were told of the details for our trip to Sapa. We leave on Friday night by train and although it is roughly 3-400km away we do not arrive until early Saturday morning. An unexpected pleasure (I hope) to travel by train. We spend Saturday and sunday in Sapa and return on Sunday night by overnight train again. I’m really looking forward to Sapa and I am hoping for some great photographic opportunities and to see and experience this region of Vietnam.

So tomorrow I’m skipping the meetings and preparing my tutorial and I’ll get out and about old town Hanoi to take some photos.

Sorry no pics today!