Today we head off across the Atlantic and most of the USA to the West Coast and San Francisco.  It was 18 years ago when I was here last for work and I loved it and always wanted to come back and see it again.  And now I have my chance with Sharon and a couple of friends.  This time we are staying in the city itself in Union Square in the Rex Hotel.  The last time we stayed south of San Francisco near Silicone Valley but we got to see a good deal of the City, Palo Alto, Silicone Valley and spent a day north of San Francisco in the Napa Valley.  I am really looking forward to seeing some of these great places again.

The following week it’s off to Las Vegas, I’ve never been there but I hear its a great place to go.  Looking forward to shows, the strip, the Grand Canyon, the sun shine and mucking about.

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