MCC Exhibition 2016 Image Specification

The following is the specification for images for the Club exhibition in February 2016

 Frame Front 2016

The price of the frame includes a 20in x 16in black frame that is 2cm wide, glass covering and a window mount with a standard aperture of 38cm x 28cm either landscape or portrait.  If you wish to use a square image the maximum aperture will be 28cm x 28cm and it will be displayed in portrait orientation and at the top of the page.  If you wish to show your square image in some other manner please let us know.

Although we would prefer for all images to fit the standard aperture of 38x28cm it may be possible your image will not fit this size.  Therefore we need you to let us know, by completing the Survey we send you, the size aperture you require.  The maximum size you can request is 38cm on the long side or 28cm on the short side.

When you provide your image it should be 300dpi and fit within the aperture size you specify. You may wish to leave a small border of a few mm all around your image but this is not necessary, or others may wish to print their image a couple of mm larger than the aperture so that no border shows.  If you are printing the image yourself leave a margin of an inch or so around the image to allow it to to stuck fully and properly to the window mount from the inside.

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