Hi and welcome to my website.  You might ask “what’s it going to be about”, well I’m not quite sure yet, but I know it will include some photographs and probably video as I have a keen interest in these, in particular photography.  My main galleries will be on my other web site “LensFlare” which is dedicated to just my images.  I will be very interested in your comments and feedback.

I will also have a blog, about travel so friends and family can be kept up to date, but also about other topics that come to mind from time to time.

How to get around the web site? Well there are plenty of ways, on the left panel there are the “categories” which relate to the different blogs.  Across the top are two banners some of which have drop down boxes for further links.  The second banner which starts with the “Home” link, that brings you to this page, has a link to the Blog, a link to the Photograph Gallery pages where you can see my photos, and a link to my Video Gallery where, well you guessed it, you can see the pages that contain my videos.  The final link is to a Contact page where you can send me comments which I would just love to hear, you can also comment on the end of blogs.

I hope you enjoy the web site.



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